Media Shaman Toolkit

for (R)Evolutionaries

A 3-part video course to improve your ability to make sense of the world, learn how to use the transformative potential of media, and help yourself and others evolve into the grounded consciousness we need right now

With Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. and Jonathan Steigman

In these challenging times we are all being called to be Media Shamans, to use our media to heal and uplift the individual and the collective. Everyone who consumes, creates or shares media is being called. When you consume media of any kind you are being influenced in ways you are not even aware of. When you share content with others, you are a media content provider. If you are a creator of original content these times require a deep recognition of the power you hold, and a responsibility to learn how to use that power for the common good.

If you post any content on social media, this means you.

With what is happening in the world every person with a smartphone can be called upon to be a citizen journalist at any moment. Be prepared and ready with this 3-part essential Media Shaman Toolkit.

The Media Shaman Toolkit includes:

  1. Sensemaking and Media Literacy in a Post-Truth Age

Part One of this course will help you unpack and transcend the evolving propaganda media war during these turbulent times

In this chaotic and unpredictable world we are being bombarded and manipulated by a sophisticated media war on all fronts. This first segment is designed to help us become conscious of our own constructs and belief systems and to begin to identify the biases and intentions behind various information sources. Most importantly, we will learn how to begin to discern what’s really going on.

  1. 10 Keys to Transformative Media

Part Two of this course will introduce you to a comprehensive toolbox for understanding and creating media that can evolve consciousness

Aspiring and accomplished media-makers and change makers need advanced tools to extend and deepen their efforts to create profound transformation in themselves, others and the world. This second segment will illuminate a comprehensive toolkit for understanding the power of media and designing media to catalyze healing, personal growth and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level.

  1. Guerrilla Media-making for Media Shamans

Part Three of this course is for anyone with a smartphone to help seize back the narrative and capture events while transcending tribal polarities

These days anyone with a smartphone can be thrust into the role of citizen journalist recording important historical events. Learn to use the 10 Keys from the previous section to become a channel to help others bear witness to what’s happening around us while avoiding the pitfalls of our own biases, projections and reality bubbles.

STOP stoking the fire

STOP preaching to the choir

START reaching those outside your own echo chamber

Create content that transcends ideology, fear and belief in order to be heard and awaken.

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