Media Shaman Studio Community

The Media Shaman Studio Community is a community space on the Conscious Good Creators Network for online discussions on the monthly topics for the ongoing Media Shaman Studio series. This community is open to graduates of all our courses along with members of the Creators Network and the general public.

Media Shaman Facebook Community

Graduates of all our courses are invited to join our Media Shaman Facebook Community.

Media Shaman Community of Practice (CoP)

The Media Shaman CoP is an ongoing benefit for those who complete the Media Shaman MasterClass. This community has a private virtual workspace and monthly live meetings that serve as a space for collaborations, an ongoing learning and sensemaking community, a place to work on transformative practices and a place to discuss the evolutionary transition period we're currently moving through and the ways we can harness our collective intelligence to support us through this transition. As part of this community we also do periodic Group Field training sessions for new Community Hosts and Community Recorders who rotate positions each month.

Media Shaman Rapid Response Team (RRT)

The Media Shaman RRT is a social media rapid response team that attempts real-time mediasphere collective healing and evolutionary interventions as major events and situations arise in the mediasphere. The RRT is available to any Media Shaman CoP member.