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Media Shaman 101

Designing and Creating Transformative Media Experiences for Self, Others and World

With most of the planet reeling from this pandemic and other great challenges of our times, we are facing major shifts in ways of being, interacting and engaging with self, others and the world. We at the Integral Cinema Project are partnering with Conscious Good and Campus Co-Evolve and rising to meet this moment by offering a redesigned version of our popular media course.

Transformative Media Creation and Reception is our popular course for aspiring and accomplished change makers who want to learn how to use media to extend and deepen their efforts to create transformation in self, other and world. It will illuminate the comprehensive toolkit for designing media to catalyze healing, personal growth and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level. No previous media-making experience is required.

Course Objectives

In this course we will learn about the co-evolutionary relationship between moving-image-based communication media, consciousness, culture and society. We will unpack the ways these media can be used as a driving force for individual and collective healing, growth, and revolutionary and evolutionary change and transformation. We will also be exploring how to consciously create and receive moving image works as a transformative practice for self, other and world through the development of both individual and group projects.

At its heart, this course is an operating system upgrade for your perceptual field of awareness. Master media makers, artists, inventors and innovators all have an expanded perceptual field which gives them the capacity to see more than we ever saw before and help open us to previously uncharted territories of our existence. This course is designed to use media to help us reprogram our brains to make our perceptual field itself an object in our awareness. As we expand and deepen our perceptual capacities in this way, we can potentially accelerate the evolution of our consciousness and increase our capacity to more astutely navigate these challenging times.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have upgraded your perceptual field to better see and understand our current situation and the inherent complexity of media, consciousness, culture and society;

  • Know how to use media to communicate complex ideas through media-assisted embodied learning;

  • Understand how to use moving image media for personal and collective transformation, both as a creator and receiver of media, and to conceive, design, create, share and receive media in ways that can potentially cause it to act as a change agent on the individual and collective level;

  • Have created your own short transformative video experiment and gotten feedback from your research and support team, and from the whole class.


“Four key things I carry away with me, all start with a ‘C’. Content which was extraordinarily rich with frameworks, expertise & knowledge passed on from Mark & Jonathan. I still feel I am holding it in in some container spaces, a repository of information to dive into and to make use of moving forward. Collective intelligence, a group coming together to learn with people of very diverse backgrounds, experience, culture but with a common intention, to change the world for the better, and even different levels of progress. Collective intelligence has fed back in a way which would not have happened if we had studied separately. Connection between participants was very strong in all of the various sessions. Container space was so well crafted. It was organic and fluid, for good peer to peer learning, deep respect, allowing diving into very safe and personal spaces, very strong.” – Rachel Hentsh, Italy

“Through the rich course content and expert guidance of visionary Mark Allan Kaplan, and Jonathan Steigman, I have come away from this journey with a renewed understanding of audience engagement, and a more perceptive respect of the vital force for healing and change we have in media, and our responsibility as filmmakers, story tellers, while also having expanded my own worldview and perceptual field.” – Gina Bonmariage, ex-Dean, AFDA (Film School) South Africa

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Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. is an independent award-winning filmmaker and the pre-eminent theorist and practitioner of the application of Integral Theory to the cinematic arts.

Jonathan Steigman is a Bay Area activist, filmmaker, magician, communication consultant and independent researcher.

Class Info

This course meets once a week for 15 weeks. As the course progresses, we will also be adding a Community of Practice meeting once a week. These are not mandatory but we strongly encourage everyone to attend those as well.

Tuition fee: £369

Starts week of January 25th 2021

You will get access to the full detailed course syllabus after registering, before the course starts. If you have specific questions about the course please contact Sameera Mahomedy at